martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster

..."Yes, I suppose you could. And you'd wind up regretting it every day for the rest of your life. Don't go there Joyce. Try to roll will the punches. Keep your chin up. Don´t take any wooden nickels. Vote Democtrat in every election. Ride your bike in the park. Dream about my perfect, golden body. Take your vitamins. Drink eight glasses of water a day. Pull for the Mets. Watch a lot of movies. Don't work too hard at your job. Take a trip to Paris with me. Come to the hospital when Rachel has her baby and hold my grandchild in your arms. Brush your teethe after every meal. Don't cross the steet on a red light. Defend the little guy. Stick up for yourself. Remember how beautiful you are. Remember how much I love you. Drink one Scotch on the rocks every day. Breathe deeply. Keep your eyes open. Stay away from fatty foods. Sleep the sleep of the just. Remember how much I love you."

from Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster

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